The Bones Of What You Believe: CD

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Release date: 1 January, 2013

"The Scottish trio Chvrches' debut is a seamless fusion of emotive theatrics, hook-loaded songwriting, and some of the most forward-thinking sonic tricks employed in electronic music right now. There are a dozen world-beating songs here, and The Bones of What You Believe bleeds big-scale ambition from every synthesized pore."

"Chvrches are merely bringing futuristic sonics and pro-level songcraft to an age-old, endlessly comforting style of music, and they’re doing that style proud. Whatever their motives, we’re lucky to have them around."


1. The Mother We Share
2. We Sink
3. Gun
4. Tether
5. Lies
6. Under the Tide
7. Recover
8. Night Sky
9. Science/Visions
10. Lungs
11. By the Throat
12. You Caught the Light

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